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A Dip in the Virtual Ecological Pond

With this discussion thread, I propose that we begin a monthly series of conversations around recent scientific literature relating to technology in environmental education. I would like to begin with an article that I find at once fascinating and troubling. The context of this study is Taiwan, where many elementary schools maintain "ecological ponds" in the schoolyard, enabling students to explore a miniature ecosystem without leaving the campus. Ponds are messy things, though, and can be difficult to maintain: why not replace the real ponds with virtual ones? After all, the learning outcomes appear to be met either way, this study reveals. So what do you think -- should we dip our toes in the virtual pond? We certainly don't have to worry about getting our feet wet. Please look over this article and share your reflections under this thread.

An underwater view of the virtual ecological pond.
Underwater view of the virtual ecological pond