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Watershed Table

I am looking for a resource on where to buy or help design a portable watershed table that would focus specifically on urban environments and storm drain pollution. I'm basically looking for something like Enviroscapes (which are awesome) but not exactly focused on what we teach. It would need to be portable enough for me to take to schools regularly and easy enough to set up to use for an hour or so and then take down. Thanks for your help!

Danielle - I really like the idea of them creating a watershed, but it is unfortunately not something I usually have the time for with our activities. I am really looking for something that is premade that we can simply manipulate while I'm there. That said, it maybe makes sense for me to use this resource to create it ahead of time and use it with them... Thanks for the info!

When talking about watersheds, I have been using an augmented reality sandbox(picture attached). It projects a topographic map onto the sand. From there you can manipulate the watershed, make it rain, and see how the watershed works in real time! I am able to transport it to a location, set it up in about 15 minutes or less and use it during the presentation. I also loan it to teachers and other organizations to use. Purchasing one can be quite expensive, but building your own can save some money. Alternatively, maybe someone in your area has one that they would be able to loan you. Please feel free to email me with any questions!


-Jane Sablich

AR Sandbox

Hi there! I'm not sure if you are still looking for a watershed resource. Whether you have found one or not, a wonderful resource is the organization Project Wet. Look to see if there is a facilitator in your area. They are an amazing classroom and educational resource anything and everything water. They absolutely have models of watersheds and even specific lesson plans that focus on water/land/pollution with watershed models. Best wishes! Here is their website: https://www.projectwet.org