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100Cameras X Whole Kids Foundation

About 100Cameras
We are a nonprofit organization that works with kids around the world who have had challenging experiences, and we teach them how to process and tell their stories through photography in a way that impacts how they view themselves and their role in their community. We provide a platform to sell their photographs and give 100% of the proceeds to fund the most pressing needs in their communities, enabling them to see the impact of their contribution.

We are thrilled to partner with the Whole Kids Foundation to provide a program opportunity for schools nationwide. Our Snapshot Program is specifically designed to work in partnership with local schools or afterschool programs to equip students with the tools they need to tell their stories while also empowering them to create change in their communities.

Our goal through this partnership, is to support the important work you are already doing in your community and to come alongside you in your mission to uplift and educate students. Specifically, our program will complement the impact of your Educational Garden by not only providing students with the opportunities to process and tell their stories, but to also document, uplift, and celebrate their hard work in furthering growth in their schools and community — both inside the garden and beyond.

Upon completion of the application process, Whole Kids Foundation will be selecting one program to fund.