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Poverty Awareness Month 2022: Poverty and Environmental Justice

There are many aspects to the mosaic of poverty, and environmental injustice is one of them. Climate change and environmental degradation often cause the greatest impact on the poor and the vulnerable. especially indigenous people and communities of color. Pope Francis in his letter to the world, "Laudato Si': On Care For Our Common Home", writes of our interdependence and entreats us to, " ... hear the cry of the earth, the cry of the poor." Scroll down to check out the work of Poverty USA by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD). There are several good articles within, but read the one regarding Environmental Justice. Scroll down to "Encounter" and "Stories of Hope", then down to, "Environmental Justice and Portland Oregon". http://povertyusa.org/index.php/stories/environmental-justice-portland

Catholic Climate Covenant
Catholic Climate Covenent works to support creation care and the messages of Laudato Si' for parishes, families, youth, and individuals.

Thank you for sharing, Julia! I was very struck by the statement, "As a Catholic organization, we also wish to highlight the distinct perspective that the Catholic Church brings to environmental justice. It brings to the forefront the moral dimensions of climate change, which more severely affects communities of color, by calling attention to the needs of the most vulnerable among us and empowering them to enact change." I identify as a progressive Christian, so those words resonate with my faith life: both in my understanding of Jesus's heart for the marginalized and also the call to care for and respect creation, which includes people!

I also appreciated reading about some of the environmental justice organizations in Portland - it's definitely hopeful to hear about the good work being done!