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Research Opportunity Environmental Education Experts

Greetings Environmental Educators,
Your help is needed. My name is Kenneth Rainer, and I am a PhD student at the University of Florida, working with Martha Monroe. We are looking for active, engaged environmental education thinkers that align with some or all of the following criteria.
-Publishing and conducting environmental education-based research
-Teaching or recently (within the past five years) taught environmental education-based courses (courses about environmental education and or environmental education courses)
-Consultant who has actively worked towards advancing the field of environmental education
-Engaged in NAAEE eePRO (such as the eePRO Research and Evaluation Group)
-Attended (or planning to attend) and engaged in the NAAEE Research Symposium

The ask: Specifically, we are looking for experts willing to take part in an online focus group that explores the ways environmental education builds resilience. The focus groups will elicit perceptions and opinions from participants on two concepts. The first concept will focus on ways environmental education should and does build and foster social-ecological resilience. The second concept will focus on potential mechanisms (surrogates or proxy indicators) for social-ecological resilience that would guide an environmental education practitioner to develop or evaluate a program.

The overall research objective: to understand how environmental education (EE) programs effectively introduce, inform, create, monitor, and evaluate the process of building, sustaining, and fostering social-ecological resilience.

If this sounds interesting and you would like additional details, please email Kenneth Rainer ( If you are sure you want to participate, please complete the following survey to help me organize the focus groups,

Kenneth Rainer, PhD Candidate
University of Florida