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Research & Evaluation eePRO Group Engagement Question

Dear all,

This eePRO group provides excellent resources and potential collaborations. How else can we make the Research & Evaluation group a robust community of practice? What is that you want from this group?

Please reply with a few words describing your needs, requests, or priorities (e.g., resources, evaluation brown bags or seminars, networking opportunities, research collaborations) so that we can develop and curate content to fit your needs.

Thanks for engaging with the Research & Evaluation eePRO Group!

Hi Samantha! I don't have experience with evaluation, so I'd love more basic info about evaluating, specifically for early childhood EE. At my school, there is one lead teacher designing the evaluation for the whole school (including for the sciences, which I teach), and it's very content-focused. I'm interested in learning more about assessments done via observations, which are more skills-focused than content-focused. I haven't been able to find basic trainings for people like me who don't have an education degree (just a M.S. in Natural Resources). I hope this is what you meant in your post, if not please let me know! I'm new to formal education, and I find that the terminology can be a bit confusing :)

I am especially looking for ways to evaluate and increase in nature connection/appreciation before and after a program like a week long camp or a school field trip. We are always asked to show outcomes and right now that is how many attended and nothing about the impact the program might have had on the person. Thanks for asking!

Hi, Tammy: My suggestion is to make your evaluations student-centered, and reflection-oriented, and ask if they feel confident in sharing any of what they learned during camp or during a field trip. Key elements of a student-centered evaluation should include recording their reactions to the experience, the degree to which they intend on using the knowledge gained, applying the knowledge through behavioral actions taken, and an overall question regarding the results YOU as the educator were looking for in response. That question would center around measuring desirable outcomes (your goals and depending upon the age group--what the learner hoped they would get out of the experience). I hope this helps. You can reach me at if you need further information. Great question! ~ Kathy Ann Randall, Ed.D.

Hi Tammy. I design value-added (pre/post) assessment tools for my clients. By asking the right questions, these instruments can be simple, cost effective, and meaningful, providing lots of information about what participants learned and potentially how their values/beliefs changed due to the experience. Feel free to message me at to chat more about this evaluation technique.

Hi Samantha! I would greatly appreciate tools and resources on collecting evidence of student learning as they participate in an activity or program, and then making sense of that data and summarizing it. For example, I currently observe and interview students as they carry out an activity (recording what students say or do, where they get confused, level of engagement) and provide that as feedback to the group leader in a coaching setting. However, I would love to translate that information into something more useful for research or reporting. Thank you!