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Repository for Assessment Measures

I think many of us would benefit from a repository for assessment measures for research and evaluation which are annotated with simple format (e.g, citation, population, theoretical framework, validity). The website Conservation Psychology Measures, no longer online, was a model that we could adapt.

I agree--and I'm sure many others would, too-- that this would be a very helpful resource! I do remember the CP website; it was terrific. A handful of other sites have been, or are in the process of being, designed along these lines, too. In the meantime, the MEERA site is a helpful one:

This topic of the desire for more a repository of program evaluation and research tools also came up at the NAAEE Conference session "Current Findings: Research you can use" where the research to practice strand leaders (Steve Kerlin and Justin Hougham) and research symposium coordinator (Ruth Kermish-Allen) shared emerging research themes and facilitated discussions on EE research to practice. The panel and attendees discussed the difference of program evaluation and research. The idea of sharing program evaluation measures was also discussed as something that EEPro could possibly be the platform for. Attendees (practitioners and researchers) liked the idea of have the access to and ability to use common evaluation measures.