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Looking for collaborators for an AEA session

I am working with a graduate student who is interested in learning more about evaluation. We are going to put together a proposal for AEA which is taking place in New Orleans this fall. We are looking for anyone who might be interested in collaborating on a session about Assets Based Evaluation. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested (megan.ennes@ufl.edu).

Draft Title: Assets-based approaches to environmental education evaluation

Draft abstract: How can we shift structures in the environmental field that continue to systematically exclude people? Even in attempts to be inclusive, evaluation can view individuals from under-represented communities from a deficit perspective, identifying what is lacking in order to “fix” it. This think tank provides a space for sharing strategies and discussing ways to apply assets-based approaches to evaluation. Ongoing research at the University of Florida Thompson Earth Systems Institute is using such an approach to examine students’ understanding of and interest in environmental civic engagement. These students bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and this model allows them to self-identify strengths as well as where they desire support in environmental leadership. A facilitated discussion will provide opportunities for participants to share their strategies for improving equity and social justice in evaluation methodology and collaborate on developing best practices in decolonizing evaluation.

Hi Megan, I know this was a few months ago, but this sounds super interesting! I've been working with a team who has been working with NAAEE on culturally responsive and equitable evaluation in EE. The work can be found here: https://evaluation.naaee.org/ though it is currently undergoing many edits! Would love to connect with your graduate student!