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Longitudnal Studies of EE programs

I am looking for methods and tools for looking at long-term impact of EE programming. I appreciate any citations, links, etc. Thank you!

Hi Rayelynn: What you're looking for is very difficult to find. At least into the 2000s, I was not aware of any longitudinal studies per se. It is highly unlikely that you will find any study of this kind in the dissertation literature (ProQuest) because this kind of study is generally incompatible with the time frame for dissertation studies. I am aware that there are a few EE programs have gone through annual evaluation cycles (e.g., the GLOBE Program, which was, I think, published in JEE). Similarly, some EE programs have served as the focus of a modest series of studies (e.g., Hungerford et al.'s series of studies of the issue investigation program reviewed at the 2000 NAAEE Conference in Padre Island and in my 2004 NAAEE Monograph). However, even after a diligent search of the literature ... and the fugitive (unpublished) literature ... my guess is that you'll find few examples and limited guidance. In cases where researchers and evaluators in our field find themselves struggling to find sound guidance on "how to" questions such as this ... you may find that it will be more productive and useful to search for and review longitudinal research in other related fields (e.g., science, marine, or geography education). I realize this may be of little immediate assistance, but I hope it eventually is of some help to you. Tom Marcinkowski

Hey there! I actually did a project on just this for my dissertation bc I was so interested in this gap in the literature. We are analyzing data now, hoping to publish next year. I am also presenting on it at AZA and NAAEE this year. If you wanna chat don't hesitate to email or reach out!
Lauren (watkinslaurena@gmail.com)

Yes, finding longitudinal studies is difficult! I reviewed some articles in a chapter in the International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education and published a retrospective study of my own in JEE. See https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00958964.2014.905431. I’d be happy to chat in a couple weeks when I’m done teaching a field course. I am also currently working on a retrospective study of annual learning experiences at school forests in Wisconsin. Feel free to contact me at kliddico@uwsp.edu, and best of luck with your study!