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Feedback on Love and Care for Nature Scale

Over the past few weeks, I’ve posted different tools that are designed to assess connection to nature and I’ve asked for your feedback on these tools. I have another tool to share today – the Love and Care for Nature Scale (LCN) that was developed by Dr. Helen Perkins (see attached for a version of the tool).

Has anyone used this tool? If so, in what contexts and for what purpose?
Do you have any advice for others using the LCN scale to assess connection to nature?
Do you have any suggestions for ways to adapt the scale for different audiences?

Citation: Perkins, Helen E. (2010). Measuring love and care for nature. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 30, 455-463.

More about the broader project: I am part of a team of researchers, evaluators, and practitioners who are interested in identifying, improving, and using tools that assess connection to nature. We are in the process of developing a guidebook that will feature tools that can be used by both researchers and practitioners to measure connection to nature. Thank you for participating in the rich discussions we have had so far about the tools we plan to feature!

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