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Feedback on Environmental Identity Scale

I am part of a team of researchers, evaluators, and practitioners who are interested in identifying, improving, and using tools that assess connection to nature. We are in the process of developing a guidebook that will feature tools that can be used by both researchers and practitioners to measure connection to nature.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be asking for your feedback on the specific tools we plan to feature. One tool that we plan to feature is the Environmental Identity (EID) Scale that was developed by Dr. Susan Clayton (see attached for a copy of the tool).

Has anyone used this tool? If so, in what contexts and for what purpose?
Do you have any advice for others using the EID scale to assess connection to nature?
Do you have any suggestions for ways to adapt the scale for different audiences?

We welcome your constructive feedback and your questions!

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I am so excited to hear you all are doing this work! I have not used the EID scale in a research project, but have used it in a course I teach on ecological identity. In the course, the students use it as a tool to assess their own Eco ID. One topic of conversation that has come up when we debrief this activity is the differing definitions of nature and how that is actually a fairly subjective term. For some students nature is everything, for others, nature really means outdoors or in a wild place... Fascinating! I very much look forward to your findings.

Thanks for sharing this, Deb! Our team has also been discussing the importance of defining nature. We've played with the idea of 1) defining nature at the top of the survey, or 2) including an open-ended question at the beginning of the survey so that respondents can give their own definition of nature.

I'd be interested to know if you've found any other useful tools for assessing ecological identity or have used any other tools to measure connection to nature in your course.