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Cross industry salary survey for field instructor/educator positions?

I'm curious if anyone is aware of an organization that has compiled, and made publicly available, a salary/wage survey for field instructor/educator positions in EE? My organization compiles info and conducts a review of our pay scale every five or so years. We're approaching that point again, but don't have a ton of data at our fingertips for conducting this evaluation and would like to access more.

Big thanks to all organizations who choose share compensation information in their job postings. I think it's good for those looking to work in our industry and good for our industry over all, and I hope it generates a candidate pool of better fit for you!

Ecology Project International

Hi Erin,
I am very interested in your post! Part of my work at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona is that I direct the Wilderness Orientation Program for undergraduate students - it's a 21-day expedition-based backpacking credit-bearing course for the majority of incoming students. I have recently been involved in efforts to increase contract wages for field instructors for my program and for field instructors and assistants at the college. I did my own research 2 years ago of outdoor programs in the Western United States where I am based and that I am happy to share with you if you'd like. I also know that the National Outdoor Leadership School based in Lander, WY recently conducted a similar survey and might be willing to share their findings.


I am interested in your research as well. I am investigating the contributions freelance EE educators make to lifelong learning in communities. How many of your educators are freelance natural resource/environmental educators?

If you'd like to chat offline, please let me know. Thank you.

Hi Tania, All of the field instructors and interns we hire receive a partial year contract (3 to 8 months in duration). They are welcome to pursue other employment during their contract with us, as long as it does not impact their ability to deliver courses when they are scheduled to do so. If you'd like to learn more about please contact Rachel Garwin, our Yellowstone program manager, at All best, Erin

Thank you for your response, Cecil! It sounds like we are encouraging similar efforts within our organizations to increase quality of life for field staff. I'm going to share your information with my colleague, Rachel Garwin, so that the two of you can get in touch and share data. You're also welcome to reach out to Rachel at All best! Erin

Hi Emilian,

Thanks for sharing the nature preschool national survey results. It looks like NAAEE and other partners put a lot of time/resources behind that study. Are you (or is anyone else) aware of a similar effort for either residential EE or trip-based EE programs for middle and/or high school students? It seems like to get representative data, you'd need a large effort behind the survey.

Thanks again,