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Connecting researchers/evaluators to practitioners and vice versa

Students and researchers needing a context for research can connect with practitioners who can offer a context; and practioners who are looking for meaningful ways to evaluate and enrich their programs can find researchers

This topic of the desire for more connections of researchers to practitioners also came up at the NAAEE Conference session "Current Findings: Research you can use" where the research to practice strand leaders (Steve Kerlin and Justin Hougham) and research symposium coordinator (Ruth Kermish-Allen) shared emerging research themes and facilitated discussions on EE research to practice. The attendees that were practitioners asked for more interaction between researchers and practitioners in the NAAEE conference. They also liked the idea of the use of EEPro as a clearinghouse for research recommendations and emerging research. Another discussion point was to include practitioners as partners throughout EE research projects, from the beginning of the proposal writing through project implementation, and dissemination.