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Seeking material for summer camp education programs

Recently accepted a seasonal position at a local scout camp as summer program director for scoutcraft and nature activities. Have an empty building I can use for our program, would like to acquire as much material as possible for use during summer, anything from posters, booklets, field guides, etc. to educational materials... Very limited budget, starting from scratch, so any suggestion would be much appreciated...

Hi Allen, I suggest checking with your state department of natural resources. When I directed a summer camp in Pennsylvania, the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources provided a lot of free educational materials, posters, etc. I also found that my closest U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service offered free educational programs and materials. Check out for the Ohio office.
In addition, Project Learning Tree offers a wealth of nature activities appropriate for youth ages preschool through high school. Many of the activities are available for free at Take a look at PLT's Family Nature Activities at Although they are for families, they can easily be adapted for use in a camp setting. You can also contact your state PLT Coordinator for resources. The Ohio Coordinator is with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources -
Good luck with your summer camp. Sounds exciting!