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Planetary Health "module" for home schooling

I am wondering if there are existing resources, or if someone is taking on developing a resource, to teach kids about "planetary health," systems thinking and the relationships among humans, land and animals. We are increasingly understanding that the way humans are interacting with land and animals is setting us up for risks like pandemics. Though I'm not necessarily suggesting a module about the intersection of COVID-19 with human behaviors related to climate change (though I'd be interested to see if a parallel to the news stories about that topic exists for kids), it does seem like this is both an opportune time (during this time of both home schooling and heightened concern) and an important age group to address (teaching kids systems thinking can impact family decisions and set up kids to make more pro-environmental decisions in their lives as they mature). Is anyone aware of such an effort to create home school-appropriate resources to teach planetary health and systems thinking?

I have a systems - based curriculum to teach k12 (middle grades) about interaction between human and natural environments. I will put together some links for sharing and post tomorrow.