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Merging Technology with EE - Infographs

Have you ever had students create an "Infograph" to share information about environmental issues? I recently had my 7th grade students complete a WebQuest on the Endangered Species Act and then create an Infograph on an endangered species. Infographs use images and minimal text to convey a message. My students loved creating their Infographs and sharing them with their classmates. For Earth Day, I printed the Infographs and created a bulletin board. This was a great way to teach students about endangered species. You could create an Infograph project on any environmental issue. See the online Infograph maker links below and a file with my directions for the project. If you've had your students create Infographs on environmental issues, please share your ideas!

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Do you have a space for this ?

All you need is a wall…

The Green Oasis is Eco media produced by from the work of the 19thC explorers. Featuring a rare hydrographic map, this free digital installation says it all with over 200 images of plants, animals and scenes. It should be displayed in schools, museums, public buildings, nature centers etc.

Imagine The Green Oasis  being projected at night toward white buildings in Egypt and Tanzania where Montessori scholars are translating Remember the Rainforest 1. They are preparing for EDN's Teach-in Earth Day 2020.

The Green Oasis is an introduction to Remember the Rainforest 1 and an invitation to celebrate the Earth, not just for Earth Day, but everyday.

Best, Alberto and Carol Miranda Chor, Eco Artists
Allentown PA

P.S. If you are able to show it and share it, I am making an online scrapbook. Would you please send a picture of the installation with you all standing by ? Please tell me the exact location of the exhibit. Thanks, Carol

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