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Looking for Activities/Curriculum Regarding Freshwater Mussels

Has anyone encountered any curriculum and/or hands-on environmental education activities around freshwater mussels? I'm working with a local school district that really wants to integrate issues surrounding some of the threatened and endangered mussel species in our watershed in their 7th grade science curriculum. I could use inspiration on what kind of interactive, preferably outdoor, activities could go along with in-class lessons and activities. This would potentially be implemented district-wide, so it would need to be something that approximately 1,000 students could do yearly (not all at once!). A lot of these schools have very little green space, so likely an activity that would take place at a local park near our river. Having them all in a stream sampling for mussels (some of which are endangered) isn't really an option due to the size of the river causing safety concerns and the potential damage to habitat that 1,000 kids digging around the bottom of the river would have.

If you've seen anyone else doing something interesting that I could adapt or connect to, please let me know! Feel free to email too: eileen.boekestein@gvmc.org

I have found many useful education resources on the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's website that are appropriate for 7th grade: https://www.cbf.org/join-us/education-program/resources/
In addition, my local Soil & Water Conservation District has been great about loaning me watershed models and other materials for use in my 7th grade environmental science classroom. I have also arranged field investigations with them.
I hope this helps!