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What is your favorite EE assignment for college students?

I teach an environmental issues investigation and action class at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Students complete a semester-long project in which they select an environmental issue, research the issue, develop an action plan to address it, implement the action plan, and share about their actions. I am inspired every semester.
When I taught the course online in the fall of 2016, I asked students to create a video sharing their story. Here's an example that I thought you might be interested in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rb1Pqvf49kk&feature=youtu.be
Do you teach a similar course? Any tips or suggestions?
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My favorite assignment is a bioregional environmental issues project I use in an introductory environmental science course. Once students attain some basic conceptual underpinnings of environmental science, they synthesize this information and apply it to their own life experiences. In this semester-long project, each student is asked to evaluate their personal ecological identity, select a geographical location of personal interest, perform a bioregional exploration of the area of interest, select and research a current environmental issue for the area, and connect concepts of earth systems, sustainability, and consumption to the environmental issue. The project consists of several benchmark reports and culminates in a final presentation. I like this project for several reasons. The personal ecological identity essay engages students in reflective practice on how they relate to the environment (i.e. identity). This part of the project takes place in the first week, and allows me to have a better understanding of individual student experiences, perceptions, and values they are bringing to class. The bioregional exploration is place-based and facilitates a deeper understanding and connection to where the student lives or has lived. The last part of the project takes place towards the end of the semester when students have been exposed to most of the course content. In this part, students identify an environmental issue that is relevant to them and their surroundings. They investigate different aspects of the environmental issue and apply environmental science concepts learned throughout the semester. The final presentations encourage individual ownership and an opportunity for students to share and learn from each others' experiences.

Thanks for sharing about your class assignment. It sounds interesting--I'm particularly intrigued by the identity piece. Do you mind if I steal that idea? Would you be willing to post the assignment description here, in the Higher Ed group? We can now store documents--look at the lower right on the main page for the group.
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