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UC-CSU NXTerra Transformative Education for Climate Education website

Happy to be a part of this project and support it's launch:

UC-CSU NXTerra is a resource for college teachers from across all disciplines and anyone seeking to enhance their teaching and learning about the climate crisis, critical sustainability, and climate justice studies, both inside and outside the classroom.

There potentially will be a phase 2, focused on expansion of resources for different populations and topics.

This is an amazing collection of resources! I'm excited to share it with my colleagues and our EE grad students. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for sharing, Tori! Listening to the panel video right now: https://www.nxterra.orfaleacenter.ucsb.edu/topic-inclusive-environmental...

I use autobiographic methods in my own research and to elicit my students' environmental identities. I am particularly interested in applying notions of environmental identity to climate change education. I have found work related to "funds of identity" to be relevant in this discussion. Looking forward to learning more about Phase 2.

Thanks for your website - it is terrific! Doing the work of climate change education, in conjunction with Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) more broadly, is critical in higher education if we are to address the climate crisis. Our national network in Canada has also been building a digital hub to share case studies, syllabi, pedagogical strategies, videos and other resources to support faculties in higher education (and particularly in Faculties of Education) to embed ESE into their work. Your site helps us to think about how to share resources and pedagogy more specifically suited to climate change education - thank you!