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Timeline of EE

Would anyone know where I could find an updated timeline about the history of EE? I have found "The Roots of Environmental Education: How the Past Supports the Future" which is a great resource but the timeline only goes through 2005. I was wondering if there is an updated timeline available somewhere. Thank you!

I am not aware of anything that is as concise and more up-to-date. However, I thought you might be interested in this book chapter--The History and Philosophy of EE by Carter and Simmons.
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Thanks, Becca. I'm working as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Georgia (country) with a NGO that addresses environmental issues and has developed strong involvement with its high school age Students' Council. This'll help me orient my approach to working with them.

Thanks for sharing this article, Becca. We are going to use it to supplement a conversation in this evening's Environmental Education course at the University of Colorado Denver. It is a graduate-level course comprised of students in the Environmental Science and Geography programs. We will be paying particularly close attention to the authors' distinction between environmental science and environmental education.

Just a heads up for all of those interested in the history of EE - NAAEE is in the process of finalizing three on-line modules focusing on key topics in EE. One is the History of Environmental Education. The team has done a wonderful job digging into the archives. I've seen a pilot version and it is quite engaging. They should be posted on eePRO within the next month or so.

Ask and you shall receive or something like that. NAAEE has posted two online modules under eeLearn (go to eePRO, click on Learning, and scroll down to eeLearn) OR follow this link:


One of the modules is on What is EE? and the second focuses on the History of EE. They are relatively short, include videos and text, and assessments. After finishing the module, you can even download a certificate! Sounds like a class assignment in the making.

Thanks Bora! I appreciated the link. The timeline is helpful to move forward since the Carter and Simmons paper. The last question on imagining the next 50 years might be nice to share as a blog.

Bora and NAAEE - Thank you so much for fantastic resource. I am sure many of us had different renditions of timelines, but now we not only have a timeline, but a full collection of historical information about our field in one interactive place. As Bora said... this is an assignment in the making... maybe a few assignments!!