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Standards/Learning Goals for University Level Informal EE Progs.

Hello! I am and interp/education lead at Rocky Mountain National Park. I am currently working with a seasonal interpreter in the development of on an outdoor education program on the use and management of the Colorado River for university students. One goal of the education team for the park is to ensure the programs we develop are standards based. Most of my experience developing programs and curriculum has been for grade school students, so I am accustomed to NGSS, Common Core, State Standards and the NAAEE guidelines but none of those address college/university level. What best practices have you put into place to ensure goals and objectives for university programs can be met without needing to tailor or change up the program for every group? Are there any guidelines or best practice articles or documents out there that you would suggest I look at? Do you have any other advice for me? Thank you in advance for sharing your experience and insight.

Hi Alicea. I am a university professor who has taught many field based courses and I was CEO of Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, a non-profit park partner that worked with colleges. I would glad to set up a phone call and chat about this. Glad to help. Contact details in my profile.

Thanks Rebecca! That does help by giving some themes to focus on. I would anticipate the program will be most beneficial to an environmental studies class, in which case not all students will be going into a career in environmental education. I think I will look at the environmental literacy theme and see if I can pull some standards from there. Thanks again!