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Readings in Natural History

I am currently creating an online Readings in Natural History class (this will be our first foray into online ed). I'm wondering if anyone happens to have pdf copies of classic essays (Muir, Emerson, etc.) they would be willing to share - or suggestions for the essays and writings that have inspired you the most.


There are so many great biology writers out there who write eloquently about their observations and experiences in nature. One of my favorites is E.O. Wilson. His book Naturalist is a wonderful memoir about his life. One of his most recent essays might work. See:

I also love Rachel Carson. There was a terrific recent documentary about her on PBS. I would think something from "Silent Spring" or "The Sense of Wonder", her essay about the importance of children experiencing the natural world might work. I hope you will share what you end up doing. Sounds like a terrific course.