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Presentation ideas? Partnering up?

I find it can be helpful to hear what folks are thinking about presenting at the annual conference/research symposium... What are you planning to submit this year? Are you looking to partner up on a presentation? Do you have a great idea for a panel and you are seeking volunteers?
I'd love to hear what you are thinking.
Also, consider reviewing submissions. Once you login to the website, you can volunteer!
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There were several people who were interested in mindfulness in EE. I think that would be a great collaboration for our EE friends who are teaching classes on mindfulness. I also think the discussion on ways to include Indigenous ideas within EE excited a large group of people. Anyone excited about either of these ideas?

I was thinking about revisiting the idea of therapeutic nature with undergraduates that we had in the winter... teaching to research questions. If others are still interested?

I'll be submitting a proposal related to data collection I've done with our community nature journal program, but I'm definitely open to collaborating on the mindfulness in EE piece (as it related to working with undergraduates)!

Thanks, folks, for sharing your ideas. It sounds like a group presentation around the idea of positive EE impacts on mental health and using mindfulness as a tool in EE is of interest. Please send me an email at if you want to join in. I'll organize folks and be looking for a ringleader to start the proposal :)
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