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Presentation collaboration ideas

We would like to invite people to discuss ideas for presenting at NAAEE that highlight the work of higher education institutes and environmental education. In the past we have presented on NAAEE accreditation and classes we teach or incorporate EE. I invite all who have ideas about how we can present on similar topics to add their ideas here.

In looking at the call for presentations, it looks like higher educators could easily do a panel or group discussion on promoting interdisciplinary instruction and/or integrating EE into preservice teacher preparation and inservice professional development. I would like for anyone who is interested in joining a group presentation to add to the discussion posted here.

We had a great roundtable discussion in WI about how different professors add EE to their teaching at the college level in a variety of classes. Would other people like to present about ways to implement EE into higher ed. classes?

Trying to reply-my phone doesn't like this webpage. I'd love to be on a panel. At Hamline we incorporate EE into sci methods and literacy courses for preservice educators. As well, we offer a sustainability and an EE certificate for teachers seeking a masters.

I am also very interested in this possibility. I incorporate EE into my elementary science methods course, as well as the grant-funded projects I am affiliated with.

Hi all,
I would love to be a part of the presentation. I teach a specific place-based EE course, as well as a pre-EE course; nature inquiry. I have taught this both at my institution and as a study abroad course. Let me know how I can help!

Sounds like a great presentation! Wish I were going to Puerto Rico. Molly or anyone else from Wisconsin want to do a similar session at the WAEE conference? It's the same week as NAAEE this year.

I would be interested in participating in the panel. I teach a life science course for elementary teachers that integrates EE through 'the guides': PLT, WILD/Aquatic WILD, Project WET, and Population Connection. Students also participate in GLOBE activities by documenting phenological events based upon the time of year.

It would be wonderful to hear what others are doing at different universities. How should we proceed with planning a panel or discussion?

I'm so glad that so many are interested in presenting! Based on interest, I suggest we break into a couple of groups. Let's move our planning to a Google doc that we can access it more easily. Please use this link
You'll see that I've proposed a few ideas that we might use to organize ourselves. Please put your name on what you are interested in and provide input. We are open to any and all ideas!
Take care,

I, too, would love to be part of this group and to offer to be part of this collaboration--I'm at Penn State and teach an EE Methods and Materials class and a Field Natural History for Teachers class. Rebecca, I have just requested to access the google doc you created (thanks for spearheading that effort!).

Hi all,
i see that a number of us have added info to the Google doc. Is anyone planning to take the lead on creating a panel presentation description and submitting a proposal? I'm not sure when we will be ready to take that step. There are a lot of us interested, so I wonder if we need to find a way to narrow down our ideas. For example-I notice that a number of us use Project wet/wild/learning tree in preservice teacher ed. Maybe the panel should include 1 person to speak for that group.Orperhaps the whole session focuses on the pro's and con's of the Project materials?
Or maybe the panel could focus on cross-curricular applications of EE in preservice ed? and we could find one representative for each "major" discipline to share ideas, based on contirbutions from others?
Another idea: we find a couple people to represent methods courses, a couple to represent other courses, a couple to represent ee programs and experiences for teacher ed students to "try it out?""
just brainstorming....

You bring up some great ideas. Do others have any thoughts on this?
I went ahead and started filling out two separate proposal forms. I've shared the folder (I think!) with all of you. Here's the link:
Please go in and read through it, taking a look at my comments. I also stuck people's names in--do you feel comfortable being part of such a session?
I will see what I can do to set up an online meeting with interested presenters.
Take care,

Hi Rebecca,
Again, thanks for taking the lead with this. I'd be happy to be part of the "Motivating college students for the environmental education profession" symposium--and I think the proposal is succinct and gets to the point. I wouldn't add anything else other than to check off one of the boxes for #1 (I was thinking Building Leadership for Environmental Literacy would be apt).
Please let me know how I can help to move this effort forward--I'm happy to take some of the responsibilities off of your plate since you've done so much already!

Hi everyone, I have a different perspective to share. If helpful, I can contribute the frameworks guiding three stand-alone Early Childhood environmental education, which brings different developmental and educational considerations, in interactions, approaches, and curriculum activities and materials. And secondly, one of the courses is a practicing course where students partner with preschool teachers in integrating ee in ongoing thematic studies. Please count me in!

I'm definitely interested in the Integrating EE into preservice teacher ed idea. I am working on a proposal for a program within the elementary education degree, that would focus on students who are passionate about incorporating the outdoors and nature into their classroom practice. Those students are rare down here, and especially valuable to nurture more effectively! Bryan

Hi all, I have been meaning to chime in on this, but haven't had a chance. I am really excited about the ideas all of you are putting together! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend NAAEE this year, but please keep me in the loop for the future.

I've been meaning to add to the discussion. I hate to admit it but it took me a while to figure out how to post :)
I have ideas that I could contribute to either proposal. There are already several people interested in participating. Do think there are too many or do you still have room for one more?

Thanks for posting. Yes, we had a productive meeting and will be moving both proposals forward. Those showing interest will be contacted directly via email and we will continue to use the Google docs to develop them, for now.
Take care,

Both presentations are looking really good! It looks like we will have several people presenting on both proposals. I think the proposals will bring good interest to others who teach in university settings!

Hi. Just checking on the work leading up to the conference, especially regarding our proposals. Where are we with them? Do I need to do anything specific to assist? Thanks for any information about this. I'm looking forward to it!