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Online Post-baccalaureate Certificates in EE or Online EE Masters

Hello group,

We've had an inquiry from someone looking for a totally online program in EE that would offer a post-baccalaureate in EE. To my knowledge there are not any, and I've only found one online EE Masters. I'd like to know your thoughts and/or if you know of any.

Hi Marty - I've resisted the pressure to make our (Florida Atlantic University) Masters in EE fully online, but have organized it so that only a single fall/winter is required face to face. The rest of the coursework includes online options for those who prefer them. Without getting into the pros/cons of fully online programs, if you're partial to sea turtles, the Everglades, manatees, or coconuts, a winter down here isn't a terrible thing :)

Hi Marty,
The Global Field Program and Advanced Inquiry Program from Miami University both include a continuing, web-based course environment and are designed without longer-term residencies so that students can complete their masters while still working, regardless of where they are. However, both degrees integrate face-to-face experiences with conservation and community organizations. We are mission-driven and our learning goals require substantive immersion in place and community. Unlike fields like computer science that have many core learning goals that can be achieved online, many desired outcomes in environmental education require shared learning and action in nondigital environments.

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is in the process of switching our online Master of Science in Environmental Education/Interpretation to an online Master of Natural Resources with an associated Environmental Education/Interpretation certificate. The 12-credit certificate can be taken as a stand-alone credential as well. There is some information available at and I'm happy to answer any questions.