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Online Moderator Training from Common Ground for Action

Learn how to Use Common Ground for Action in Your Spring Classes:
Spring semester is just around the corner - time to start preparing your syllabi. No matter the size, discipline, or level, the Common Ground for Action online deliberation platform can be utilized in your classroom.

What is Common Ground for Action?
Common Ground for Action forums are the online version of traditional in-person National Issues Forums (NIF) and Environmental Issues Forums (EIF). In CGA, small groups are able to learn more about the tensions in an issue, examine options for dealing with the problem, weigh tradeoffs, and find common ground just like in in-person NIF/EIF forums, but with beautiful visuals that let you actually see the shape of your conversation as it evolves.

Moderator Training and Classroom Integration Workshop Details:
Over two sessions, you will get hands on practice convening and moderating a CGA forum. You will also learn best practices for CGA moderating and design implementation ideas for classroom use.

This workshop is not limited only to faculty. Teaching Assistants, K-12 teachers, and administrators are welcome to attend.

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