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Getting geared up for the conference!

I'm looking forward to the conference and need to take a bit of time to process what's all happening and what I might want to take advantage of with all of those options!

Two things to help us get organized:
1) If you are presenting a topic that you think higher education folks would be interested in, please respond to this discussion thread and promote your session!
2) Join me on Wednesday, September 29 at 1pm Central in Zoom ( to share what you are doing, talk about the structure of the conference, and just plain share stories from the start of the school year!

I have a pre-recorded session titled, "Preservice Teachers and Citizen Science: Hands-on Participation to Foster Future Classroom Practice". I'm happy to share materials I've used in my higher ed course to engage undergraduates in citizen science (with the intent of taking it into their future classrooms)! Looking forward to seeing the group tomorrow and for the brown bag lunch next week--thanks, Becca and Jeanine!

Can't make the zoom tomorrow. I have another.... zoom meeting!! I am presenting the following on Wed the 13th from 2:30 to 3:10 PM EDT: Attitudes and Consequences of Preservice Teachers’ Attitudes Towards Climate Change. I will share a multi-year assessment of K-8 preservice teachers attitudes regarding climate change and discuss curriculum adjustments made in my classes which addressed students’ perceptions and misconceptions.