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EE reading recommendations?

Hi all,
Looking for reading recommendations. I am updating my course on environmental education (which uses the NAAEE guidelines framework as the loose structure) and have been scouring the library but realized I hadn't tapped this resource. I teach in a quarter system, so I have limited space to do all that I want to do. My audience is primarily seniors in Environmental Studies who are looking into informal ee careers, with a few pre-service educators included. Half the class will be working with elementary school age children, the other half with middle schoolers. I'd welcome your feedback on your favorite readings on any of the following topics:
- fostering learning (DEI issues)
- using the arts to teach EE (i will have a handful of artist this winter, primarily visual artists, painters)
- evaluation and assessment
Of course, feel free to share any readings you think essential to an introductory course on EE!
Many thanks in advance, deeply appreciated,

Hi Kathryn,

I will be interested to see the replies you get!

I use the Latino EE reference from NAAEE - Environmental Education in Latino Communities: Sharing Experiences - , which has some art-based methods. I also use both the Urban EE Reader (Cornell U. Press) and some of the chapters from Winograd (Ed.), Education in Times of Crisis book. We teach similar courses in terms of content and focus, so I look forward to hearing other responses you get.

I am also attaching a chapter that is focused on art-based methods from a book I recently co-authored about engaging children and youth in planning sustainable cities. It may be too far afield for your course, but I really like some of the case examples in this chapter.

PDF icon placemaking_ch_5.pdf1.41 MB

Hi Kathryn - You might be interested in a resource page we've put together for teacher educators that shares syllabi in EE/ESD courses, found here: There are many excellent readings to be found in these syllabi, as well as great ideas for assignments as well. One reading that went over very well in my EE teacher ed course last year was from Elin Kelsey, focused on the critical role of hope in EE ( I'm also attaching one of my own articles on art-based approaches to EE in case it's useful (there is also a chapter on this in the Urban EE book from Cornell.). Best of luck with your planning!

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This is great stuff! Thanks, all, for sharing! I'll chime in with the Measuring EE Outcomes resource (attached).
Also, if you want to share "longer term," I invite you to post it on the group's home page under the file sharing portion that is on the lower right. You will see there are already some resources there that you might want to check out. You can only view that portion of the site if you are logged in.

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Hello Kathryn,
I would recommend David Sobel's Children in Nature: Design Principles for Educators. I have used readings from it for both undergraduate & graduate-level courses for teachers and pre-service teachers as well as for our (mostly nonformal) NAAEE accredited environmental educator certification course. Very easy to read and while geared for younger age groups, I have heard nothing but positive things, even from high school teachers.