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EE in higher education coursework

How is EE incorporated and encouraged within your institution? What courses are offered? What courses do you wish were offered? It seems that sometimes there are overlapping programs centered around the environment. Western Kentucky offers a certificate in Sustainability for part of the MBA. It also offers a graduate certificate called the Global Pathways to Sustainability in the Diversity and Community Studies program. In education, we offer an EE endorsement for P-12 teachers. I know there are classes in Geology/Geography and Public Health that focus on environmental issues as well. How can we encourage and build partnerships between the different departments while still maintaining uniqueness in our own programs?

At Colorado College, we just started a new off-campus semester that includes three classes:
Foundations of EE
Practicum in EE
Students teach more than 100 hours to the same 5th graders over the course of a semester while completing a CO State portfolio based on the NAAEE six themes in Guidelines for Preparation...

We are now working on trying to integrate these three EE classes with InTASC standards. I know there was a report in 2007 that had an appendix correlating these, but it would be ince to know if others are also correlating with teacher prep standards.

It is interesting to hear what others are doing.
Howard, we don't explicitly connect to the InTASC standards though I believe the NAAEE Guidelines are tied to InTASC. In our course with pre-service teachers, we have made connections to our state EE standards and the NAAEE Guidelines.

Jeanine and others,
We have major and minor degrees, as well as masters degrees, in environmental education. Environmental education coursework is also required of pre-service teachers. Besides this, there are environmental philosophy, psychology, history, sociology, etc. courses. It is tough to connect across the university. I have made some connections by inviting other faculty out for a cup of coffee to share about what they do. A few years ago, a few of us at UW-Stevens Point worked on the US Dept of Ed Green Ribbon Schools application for IHEs ( It was tough to identify what was all happening across campus. I'd love to hear ideas from others as to what helps them be successful!