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Don't forget to add your conference proposals to the virtual conference!

To All Accepted Presenters for the 2017 NAAEE Conference & Research Symposium:

In lieu of being able to present your session at the San Juan conference, we have created a special section on our website to provide presenters for all accepted sessions the opportunity to share the inspiring, important work you're doing and to connect with others who share your interests. This section is part of the 2017 Virtual Conference, which also features webinars and livestreams highlighting just a few of the plenary sessions and symposia planned for the Conference and Research Symposium. These events take place next week; the schedule is posted here:

For the "sessions" section of the Virtual conference, you are invited to post papers, short video summations, presentations (such as PowerPoints), and posters. These sessions will be available for review on the Virtual Conference page and—going beyond the normal proceedings—will be tagged to eePRO Groups, where we encourage comments and further discussion about the session content.

Here's how to add your session to the Virtual Conference:

Basic information about each session—title, summary, and presenters—has been preloaded to the Virtual Conference as "unpublished content" and connected to the eePROfile of the person who originally submitted your proposal.

In order to activate your session in the virtual conference, the original submitter, in collaboration with any other presenters, needs to add content that elaborates on the preloaded summary. Please contact us at if the original submitter is no longer associated with the session and you need to change this key contact.

To add content, visit the NAAEE website, and log in to your eePROfile.

o Look for the box that says, "2017 Virtual Conference/Research Symposium Session: Please Review." The session(s) you submitted will be listed by title.

o Click on the session title to view the listing in its unpublished form, and then select edit to make changes and additions.

o Add any materials such as papers, video summations, presentations, and posters in the fields provided. (Accepted file types are noted for each kind of content.) You can also edit the preloaded information as needed.

o Link the session to relevant eePRO groups of which you are a member, so group members receive notifications about your posting. We encourage you to join additional relevant groups and tag your sessions to maximize engagement with your materials.

o Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save

Our staff will review and publish your posting to the Virtual Conference page, where it will be visible to all who visit the site. You'll receive an email alerting you that your session has been published on the Virtual Conference page. This email will contain a URL that links to your session.

Once the session is published, it will appear on the eePROfile page for each presenter. (Until it is published, only the original submitter has access.)

To further engage your colleagues, we also encourage you to initiate discussions on the eePRO group page and include a link to your session.

You will be able to access and add materials to preloaded, unpublished session listings until December 31, at which time all published sessions will become part of the permanent interactive proceedings for the 2017 virtual conference. However, we recommend that you add materials as soon as possible to take advantage of the upcoming period in which we will be actively promoting participation in the virtual conference.

If you have questions or need help with this, please email

With thanks,


Lori Mann
NAAEE Conference and Program Manager