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Deliberating Environmental Issues: EIF and Higher Education

Thank you to those of you who joined us for the webinar on Environmental Issues Forums and higher education. It was great to present with Bora Simmons, who serves as a liaison between NAAEE and the Kettering Foundation in working on the EIFs. It was also a pleasure to present with Melinda Wilder and Billy Bennett from Eastern Kentucky University. We were able to share about how we include EIFs in our classes at EKU and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, as well as some preliminary findings from a research project we are conducting around these efforts.
To continue the conversation, I thought I'd post about a question that came up in the webinar. It was about collecting data from community groups that participate in EIFs. Have you hosted or participated in a deliberative forum in your community? What data was collected? An idea in response to this question was to have college students host community forums and collect such data. There are pre-existing questionnaires that are used to collect data that are returned to the National Issues Forums Institute. What experience do you have with Environmental Issues Forums or deliberative forums?