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Correlation between Nonformal Programs Guidelines for Excellence and NAI Standards

Hello everyone! We have been having some conversations in North Carolina about how to help bridge the gap between those who feel very strongly that they are interpreters (National Association of Interpretation) and those that see themselves as environmental educators. Anyone ever developed a resource like this? Anyone interested in working with a small group based in NC on this type of project?

Hello, I am an NAI Certified Interpretive Guide Trainer. I host workshops for CIG certification based on the NAI guidelines. I am also working towards a Masters in Environmental Education and am very familiar with the NAAEE guidelines. One of the projects I am currently working on for my masters is a revising of the CIG curriculum to include more DEI strategies, theories and best practices. I am working with a EE professor who is working to do the same with the NAAEE guidelines. I am currently living in Pensacola, FL. and would be very interested in working on this type of project.

Hey Renee - send me an email. I am happy to help. I am a CIT. We use both NAI standards and NAAEE guidelines at the Zoo or at least that is the direction we are heading. All the front-line full-time educators are certified both as CIG and have their NCEE certifications.

Hey there - I'm also very interested in this topic. For our Master Naturalists I am building a curriculum that describes how the two of these certifications can work together, but it is largely based on my own knowledge. I can share what I've put together if that's helpful but am interested in figuring it out further and perhaps eventually having some conversations with NAI to see what we can do together.

While I can't say that I'd be able to provide much input in the development (at the initial stage), I am certainly interested in the outcome! I have a staff of 20+ naturalists, some work with school groups, but have some reservations about our effort to align to the standards, while others are more interpreters for adult audiences and some are both. Several have been here 20+ years and are resistant to change. All are seasonal and we have little money for training. I would be interested in figure out what I can use to support their professional development. If the timing on this is right, I'd be happy to be in on the brainstorming at the very least.