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How are you adapting your programs?

I would love to hear how others in the Government EE field are finding ways to adapt their programs. I manage education and outreach for a stormwater utility and I have had to cancel or reschedule all of my programs for this spring. I run K-12 programming, but also adult education, natural yard care classes, volunteer programs, etc. What creative ways are you all using to provide education and outreach to your communities?

I work for the state fish and game agency and am the state Project WILD coordinator. We've been posting a lot of resources on our Facebook page for now. We're trying to upload a lot of videos to social media as well right now. I'm working on a resource page on our website too. I think we're going to slow down after that because our teachers are telling us that they're WAY overwhelmed with the resources out there. We are also launching a #ChatWithABiologist program on Monday to allow teachers to invite our staff into their class chats with their students so they can ask questions, etc. We'll see how that goes. :-)

Hey Jen, this sounds interesting. We are thinking of having our green and healthy schools program coordinator expand our offerings into classrooms, especially in virtual situations. Maybe we can set up a zoom or MS Teams meetings to discuss. Let me know if there is any interest on your part for this.