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Even Parks Are Going Online During the Pandemic

From NextCity.org

Shortly after schools closed indefinitely in New York City, the Department of Parks and Recreation pushed out their “Parks at Home” initiative — an online portal virtually bringing environmental education and recreation to viewers, from the comfort of their homes.

Parks at Home covers everything from virtual walks and meditation exercises, to regularly recurring live talks with park rangers. A typical talk might touch on the history of Central Park landmarks, the lives of animals in Queens County Farm Museum, or the science behind the parks’ 17 different species of evergreen trees.

Some 300 miles west of New York City, Camilla Rivera-Tinsley, the director of education for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, is using a similar approach to bring children the great outdoors inside their own homes and backyards.

In San Francisco, the parks department is addressing just that by connecting children of essential workers to emergency childcare. At 35 sites around the city, parks and recreation employees are leading “summer camp experiences” through art, sports, and STEM activities.

What is your communities' Park and Recreation Department doing to keep kids and families connected to their green spaces?