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MOU Examples

Hi Geep Members,

Does anyone happen to have an example of an MOU between an affiliate and a local organization doing EE in Africa or another country outside the USA?

In this case I’m looking for an agreement template for the Arizona Association for Environmental Education to collaborate with an organization in Western Tanzania doing environmental education through community outreach education campaigns, specifically to have groups of local youth spend a day in Katavi Park.

We’ve discussed the potential for collaboration in the matters of environmental conservation and human-wildlife co-existence and livelihood and climate change. Things like fundraising, material and staff/pupils/ interns exchange program, tropical ecological studies program and other innovative programs. AAEE is investigating using our global connections to develop our consulting services.

Thank you!

Hi Shawn! I may be able to help. I'm also working in the Western Tanzania region with EE practitioners who may have what you need. So would the agreement be between the AAEE and the local organization to take American students to Katavi? Or local students? If you want to shoot me an email we can chat more and I can check with my contacts to see if they have something that they've used.

Thanks! Lauren