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UniSustainathon: Sustainability as an Opportunity

What The initiative consists of a 2+days challenge (hackathon) for University students to find feasable and innovative solutions to the challenges of Sustainable Development in Universities, and it is a preparatory action for Expo Dubai 2020 (happening in 2021). No participation fee.
When/Where Oct. 3rd and Oct. 5th, remotely (Deadline to register next Sunday Sept. 20th)
Who Individuals (later assigned to a team) or teams of 4 to 8 members
Why Joining the hackathon is a great chance to:
-Challenge yourself and your critical thinking on the relationship between higher education and Sustainable Development
-Offer a valuable experience to your hub members or join as a team building activity
-Prizes! Chance to be featured at EXPO 2020 Dubai universal exhibition (@Italian Pavillion) + voucher codes to pursue a Verified Certificate in an SDG Academy online course.

For questions or to get to know each other better, please do not hesitate to reach out to me (PM or pietro.fochi@sdsnyouth.org)

Hi Michael, this looks great! Are you involved in the design at all? Curious what you're learning about hackathon design-- what works, what doesn't. Let me know if you can connect more on this. Thanks for posting!

Hi, Melissa - I'm a member of the UNSDG Global Schools Program, which is how I learned about it, but am not involved with this specific event. I'd be interested in hearing if any GEEP members are able to join a team!