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Understanding Audience in Urban EE


I am interested in the notion of expanding the concept of environmental education to address an urban audience, especially an urban audience from disadvantaged neighborhoods and diverse ethnicity. Can anyone recommend any resources?

Hi Nina. You may be interested in some of the conversations I've had with guests on my podcast. In my conversation with an intercultural competence scholar (Episode 44), my guest and I talk about engaging with diverse audiences and developing intercultural competence. In my episode with a conservation psychologist whose research focuses on inclusion and equity in environmental education (Episodes 22 & 23), my guest and I discuss diversity in EE and her research about what educators think EE is for. These episodes can be found at https://talaterra.com if you're interested.

one of the Urban EE Facebook groups is Urban EE Collective.
... but be careful how you phrase your question. Your Q above makes it sound like EE is not IN urban spcaes and that hasn't been true for decades and decades. I've spent my career in EE in cities and urban spaces working with audiences Whites assume don't have access to EE and that is a bad assumption to start. I would highly recommend NAAEE's Guidelines for Excellence ... the Community Engagement Guidelines to start. Tone and word use will stop your learning faster in Urban communities than anything else. :-)