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Sharing PGM ONES Statement to Asian and Pacific Islander liberation

Hi everyone. I wanted to share this beautiful statement put out by PGM ONE in light of the white supremacist attacks on Asians in the last few weeks. It's an example of how to stand in solidarity with our communities.

"Dear PGM ONE Fam,

We are writing to you with love, deep tenderness, and vulnerability. On our Leaders Council we have folks who identify as Cambodian, Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Bengali, Indian, and South Asian. Most of us also identify as U.S. American. We have been harmed, not just last week or last month, but our whole lives, by the violence of anti-Asian racism against us, our families, and our ancestors. Many of us have felt this hurt and re-lived this trauma acutely in the past weeks. We are writing this letter to witness ourselves and each other, to invite each of you into deeper community, and to remember out loud our commitments Asian and Pacific Islander liberation and community care.

To our Asian and Pacific Islander kin, we want you to know that we see you and we are with you. However you may feel in this moment we hope you are finding space to take good care of yourselves and each other. We are sending you all of our love and wishes for healing and protection in the forms of indoor plant magic, beautiful purple-orange skies, calming water ripples, ancestral herbal remedies, warming sun beams, smooth rubbing rocks, favorite childhood snacks, deep restful sleep, big ocean waves, and this flower arrangement made by Sophie’s mom.

We extend these wishes also to your aunties, mothers, grandmothers, elders, and to all of the hundreds and thousands of ancestors in your lineage that persisted through so much and dreamed you into existence. Your being is a miracle and we love you!

We grieve for and honor the women who were killed in Atlanta on March, 16, 2021 by white supremacy. We grieve for and honor every Asian person who has been used, abused, attacked, displaced, dislocated, and erased through generations of war, colonization, misogyny, xenophobia, sexual violence, white supremacy, and US imperialism. We do not just acknowledge the 150% rise in hate incidents targeting Asian Americans in the last year, and the long history of state sanctioned anti-Asian violence that exists in the bones and cells of our nation, we are deeply impacted by it. Many of our own families have experienced this violence through US policies of war, exclusion, incarceration, relocation, policing, and surveillance.

We name the connection between Anti-Asian violence, white supremacy, US imperialism, war, and climate change. The United States has dehumanized and invisibilized us, our ancestors, and their homelands for generations. The history of U.S. sanctioned violence against the Philippines, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, North West Pakistan, and beyond reaches back more than one-hundred years. U.S. imperialism and military action has poisoned the countries it attacks through bombings, through the dispersal of toxic agents, and through emitting thousands of tons of carbon into the atmosphere. We feel the effects of this violence today in our bodies; the Earth feels these effects in its waters, soils, and air.

By grieving, witnessing, and naming we are acting on our commitment to support Asian and Pacific Islander liberation and the liberation of all Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color within the outdoors, nature, and environment. We invite you to rejoin this commitment with us.

In our role as a convening organization, we have and will continue to make and hold spaces for healing, deepening solidarity, and strategizing collective action. If you are looking for a place to land and process this moment, we hope that you will join one of our upcoming affinity spaces. In the next few days you can join us at our Asian and Pacific Islander Affinity group (April 1), BIPOC Community Thursday (April 15), or on the PGM ONE Slack. For folks who feel energized or called to take action, we invite you to join one of our working groups.

Additionally, in late April and May we will be holding community visioning sessions in which our staff, the Leaders Council, and our larger PGM ONE community will be invited to imagine the future of PGM ONE together. Please join these spaces if you would like to, and have capacity to, shape the work that we will focus on over the next few years. More information to come soon.

We are working every day to build more resilient solidarities between People of the Global Majority towards a future where we are all living and thriving in right relationship with the Earth. This work takes time, but it is happening in beautiful ways. Please join us.

With Love,

Sophie & Endria
on behalf of the PGM ONE Leaders Council"