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Queer Environmental Educators Network (QEEN) at NAAEE 2022

Hello, all!

I'm excited to provide a general overview of Queer Environmental Educators Network (QEEN) and QEEN-adjacent activities currently planned for this year's NAAEE Conference in Tucson. After the conference schedule is released, we provide another update with more information on session times.

LGBTQ+ Focused Sessions: QEEN members Charzy Jones, Libby VanWhye, and Yarrow Koning will be co-leading two sessions, a virtual live presentation and a roundtable discussion.

- Responding to Legislative Attacks on LGBTQ+ Communities in (Environmental) Education: This virtual live presentation will dive into the impacts of the recent surge in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation (e.g. anti-trans sports bills, restrictions on gender-affirming healthcare for youth and adults, school censorship bills, and bills limiting the supports that schools can provide to LGBTQ+ students and staff). It will have a particular focus on what these legislative attacks mean for the field of environmental education. We want this session to include as many LGBTQ+ voices as possible, so we'll be conducting short 20 minute or less testimonials (video, audio, or written - your choice) and weaving them into a video to be shared during the session. If you'd like to have your thoughts included, please see the separate discussion linked in this post for more details and to sign up. Interviews must be completed by September 16.

- Strategies for Supporting LGBTQ+ Environmental Educators and Staff: This roundtable discussion will be a space to discuss how to support LGBTQ+ educators and staff during this time of increased anti-LGBTQ discrimination.

QEEN Activities During the Conference

- Affinity Group Meetings: QEEN will be offering an in-person affinity group meeting during the conference. There will also be a separate meeting held virtually for those unable to attend in person.

- QEEN Online Spaces: If you want to get connected to QEEN, there are currently two main ways to do so. First, you can join the QEEN listserv/Google Group by emailing QEENetwork@gmail.com and asking to be added. Second, you can join the QEEN Slack channel by following the link in this post.

Do you know of other sessions or research on LGBTQ+ communities presenting at this year's conference? Are you planning something not listed here? Please drop them in the conference or email Yarrow Koning at dearyarrow@gmail.com and we'll add you to future posts.

Thank you all!