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Inclusive Trail and Outdoor Program Resources

Hello NAAEE Diversity and Inclusion Group! I created this thread to share some of my favorite beginner-friendly resources for inclusive trails and outdoor programming. I found these three resources as I began in the field (only a few months ago) and they have been very helpful for me to begin looking at outdoor and trail-based environmental education from an accessibility lens.

Please add to this thread with resources you have found helpful in these areas, especially those for beginners!

Access Recreation: Guidelines for Providing Trail Information to People with Disabilities (2013)

Outdoor Programs:
Land Trust Alliance Advisory Council on Inclusive Health and Disabilities, Open to
All: A Disability Inclusion Guide for Land Trusts (2021)
Making Outdoor Programs Accessible, Ambrosini, K. Mohonk Preserve. (2005)

These are great resources. Thanks for starting this thread, Susan!

I learned a lot from the "Access Nature: Inclusion in the Outdoors" webinar with guest speakers Syren Nagakyrie, Founder of Disabled Hikers, and Loren Penman, Co-Creator of The Autism Nature Trail. The conversation around language was especially revealing—shows just how foundational communication is to programs and community relationships.