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Discounts on Fees for Educational Groups?

Hi, I am a field educator for a non-profit organization that charges a fee for group tours in the outdoors. Before I engage with management on the issue, I was wondering if there were some thoughts/best practices on how non-profits decide on fees that may be lower for some groups (I have heard that some groups have asked for a discount, but I did not hear the outcome). If most of the clientele are quite uniform in demographics, what are some best practice policies for including a wider range of participants?
Thank you.

Hello Andrew,

I've seen this approached in variety of ways, depending on location and resources. Group membership to the org is one option for discount rates. You can set up a scholarship or have an application process (and criteria) and/or develop as a community partner program with clear shared outcomes. In-kind donations or program/resource trades may be an option. There are also numerous small grants or local donors/service orgs that may help fund these experiences and can be a great outreach for your org in the community for folks who may not know about you.

Keep up the great work,