Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel, 12/3, 12 pm ET | eePRO @ NAAEE

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Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel, 12/3, 12 pm ET

Black in Marine Science Empowerment Panel
December 3, 2020 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm

Join Mote Marine Laboratory for a free online event to learn more about what it means to be Black in Marine Sciences from our featured panelists.

- Educators and students can register for direct access to the panel. Contact MarSci-LACE Project Coordinator for details:
- The public can watch this event streamed live on YouTube:

Featured panelists:
- Jasmin Graham, Shark Science
- Amanda Hodo, Aquarium Science
- Alex Troutman, Wetland Ecology

Format: Zoom webinar and YouTube livestream

1. Introduce Black in Marine Science Week, MarSci-LACE and speaker. Kickoff questions: Describe your journey to marine science? What do you do? What piece of advice would you give kids interested in pursing marine science?
2. Take audience questions.
3. Closing questions: Why is Black in Marine Science Week important? What piece of advice would you give parents/teachers who may be watching to promote diversity in marine science?
4. Share resources and additional Black in Marine Science event information.

- Learn about several career options in marine science.
- Engage in discussions about the importance of diversity in marine science.
- Explore the many paths to marine science.

Cost: $0.00

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