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Autism and Outdoor Education

Hello - I'm wondering what outdoor and environmental education programs are out there that are designed for people with autism. I lead outdoor ed. programs for teens and adults with autism at my nature center and I'd love to connect with others who are doing something similar. Alternatively, if you know of programs like this, but aren't directly involved, I'd love to learn about those as well. Thanks!

Campers working on social skills while building forts
Outdoor Adventure Skills Camp

Hello I work a lot with children on the spectrum. We accept ESA (empowerment scholarship) which currently helps families of children with special needs pay for programs and services. So we get a lot of children with special needs like autism, dyslexia, ADD, sensory issues, etc.

I've worked with quite a few cool programs over the years in Minnesota/Wisconsin that you should check out. Let me know if you want to connect as well :)

True Friends Partners with Autism Society of Minnesota for summer camps:

Throughout Tree Rivers Park District there are some cool things happening: or episode 83.

And then Sky's the limit summer camp at UW-Madison:

Thanks for this info. I hadn't heard of the program at UW Madison. I look forward to digging into that. Do you have any personal experience with that program?

I work at Three Rivers on their programming for folks with autism. I'm glad to hear that word is getting out about that! I'm thrilled. We also partner with the Autism Society of Minnesota which has been a tremendous resource. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Cristina- What a coincidence. I also worked for 3 rivers for a bit. I currently work at UW Madison at Upham Woods. The sky's the limit camp is potentially moving off campus next year to our site so we have been in discussions about how camp went this year and how we can modify it next year to better meet the needs of the participants as well as figure out the logistics of running the camp at our site because that changes some things.