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Submit your questions for 2/21 Webinar with Amy Butler and Natalie Crowley

Hi Early Childhood EE Community,
Amy Butler and I are very excited to be hosting a webinar next Thursday, Feb. 21 at 5pm. The topic of our conversation will be start-up challenges for outdoor classrooms. Part 1 will cover the "inside" work that needs to be done before heading outside with your students, including: finding your WHY, building alliances with administration and families, and how to find your space and place in nature.
We will have time for Q&A at the end, and we would love your participation! Even if you can't attend the live webinar, please submit your questions here, and we will do our best to answer them. Thank you! -Natalie and Amy
P.S. Part 2 of our webinar will be Thursday, March 21-- save the date!

Will the webinar be recorded and published? I'm not sure I'd be able to join in live due to parent-teacher conferences, but I'd like to see the discussion and possibly pose a question or two. Thanks!

Awesome! My questions are more related to this challenge in secondary ed., so if that ends up not being the direction this webinar goes that's totally ok.

1. What are some effective strategies for getting buy-in from other teachers in outdoor classrooms in secondary education? A lot of my colleagues are burnt out on new initiatives, and I can see this kind of proposal being received as just "one more thing". I have all the research and can open the door and invite them to see it in action, but getting people to take that first step has always been hard.

2. Related to #1, I think providing some professional development related to using an outdoor classroom would be really helpful in making teachers more comfortable using an outdoor classroom. Do you know of any resources that would be helpful in planning & carrying out that sort of PD?


Hi Natalie, I am also interested in your webinar, but from the primary school perspective and setting up outdoor learning with a curriculum focus. I am wanting to collect data to analyse the impact of outdoor learning on teachers and students. Do you have any surveys, tools or resources that could assist me to develop a way to collect data? Cheers, Kate.

I'm a former outdoor educator who is used to a student ratio of about 1:12, but now I am a first year CLASSROOM teacher who is struggling with student management. I am frequently overwhelmed with the logistics of managing 25 students outside. I would appreciate logistical advice for managing students outside with a 1:25 ratio.

Hi everyone,
Thanks for joining us last night and for asking so many great questions! I am going to start a separate discussion thread for each of the questions that we didn't get to last night. Amy and I will do our best to answer them, and I encourage others to chime in as well!