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Spring-Themed Movement Activities for Young Kids

Spring is in the air, which also means that kids ages six and under are getting the wiggles and want to be outside.

Especially beneficial for neuro-divergent students who focus and thrive outdoors, the activities recommended in the most recent PLT Educator Tips article are all about nature—specifically the springtime topics of plants, seeds, and trees—and are sure to be a favorite with the children you work with. 

Enjoy the 12 fun spring-themed movement activities that will get young children moving while also learning about the environment! :)

Hi Shuya! Can we share a link to this discussion post on NAAEE's social media accounts?

Also, these activities are wonderful! My 5-year-old nephew loves to listen to birds singing on our walks. I think trying some of the activities, like the outdoor scavenger hunt idea or the forest bathing activity, described in the PLT Educator Tips will be a lot of fun!

Thank you for sharing!