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Nature Connection for Children Webinar from 8 Shields

A friend (and new member of our group!) just shared this webinar from 8 Shields (Jon Young's institute), and I wanted to pass it on to all of you. The essential question for the 3-part series is, "How can we help today’s 'digital child' to enjoy a meaningful relationship with nature?" I'd love to hear people's thoughts on this question, regardless of whether you participate in the webinar.

I support using nature based pedagogies in early childhood and elementary since these are the formative years of learning in a student’s life. When we as educators introduce STEM and STEAM, using nature in primary contexts, we provide children and elementary students unlimited opportunities to explore, discover, find and engage in pure outdoor ventures. Such explorations allow students to engage in spontaneous discussions with their peers and teachers and paves the way to meaningful learning. A look at the below picture tells how children explore and learn best in nature, in contrast to traditional approaches!