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Nature-based learning at public schools

In last night's webinar, Rachel Schwartzman asked: have you tried to bring inquiry play based outdoor forest program to a public school where the pedagogy was much more traditional? Im currently trying!

Thanks for the great question, Rachel! I know there are many educators who have successfully done this work at traditional public schools. Amy Butler is one of them!
Here are a few resources for you to check out to get started:

While I wouldn't call it Forest School (we are in the prairies in TX), I do run an outreach program that brings nature inquiry to preschool classrooms. The visits are set up like an on-site field trip, with a curriculum support for the classroom teachers. The curriculum support gives teachers ways to incorporate the monthly learning theme - the big idea - into their existing curriculum and pre-k centers. The visit takes the class outside to explore the natural wonders found on less-used areas of their campus, both giving the students the outdoor exploration and inquiry as well as modeling an outdoor exploration for the teachers.