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Nature-based Learning in Public Schools

Hello, all

I am Tia, a pediatric nurse turned outdoor educator living in Baltimore, MD. I have been working with the public schools in Baltimore City educating teachers on how to teach outside and use the outdoors to teach what is in their current curriculum.

I will be available to talk more about my experience and answer any questions from now until Friday 11/16/18.

Looking forward to a great discussion.

Children outside looking up to the tree canopy

Do you create your own lessons? collaborate with other educators? Just curious about how you create interesting and engaging learning experiences for young children?

Hi Laura, Atiya asked me to submit this response on her behalf: "I do create my own lessons, and it is a collaboration between what the teachers are currently going over in class and what is happening in nature. Example: if the teachers are working with the students on counting to 5, I would have them go collect 5 things outside. I try to keep the lessons simple to empower teachers that they can do this themselves."
Hope that helps!