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Could you use this Tick & Mosquito curriculum?

Just received info on this Tick & Mosquito curriculum that Maine has come out with. It's not for preschool per se, but wondered if you ECEEers out there could use it/adapt it. Does anyone know of guides, flyers, curriculum more specifically for early childhood?

Maine CDC Public Health Corps developed a school-based curriculum program for both tick and mosquito information. This program includes educator’s guides, PowerPoint presentations, activity books, interactive activity instructions, and pre- and post-tests and answer keys. As an incentive to help improve this program the first 95 classrooms that submit the tick curriculum pre-tests to Maine CDC will receive preserved tick samples to be used during the interactive stations as well as tick removal kits for every student in your classroom. Post-tests are to be completed and submitted 2-3 weeks after curriculum presentation in order to evaluate the effectiveness of this program.

This is a great program for school age children who are high risk for tick and mosquito diseases. You can view the curriculum information and activities on our website at: There are fun learning activities while teaching students how to protect themselves, and further prevent disease in our state. Maine CDC in coordination with Department of Education matched this curriculum to Maine Learning Results in Health Education and Science. We appreciate your consideration in participating in this program. If you are interested in using the curriculum please complete the attached form.

If you have any questions please contact the Public Health Corps at: