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Online Virtual Field Trips - resource link

At Home with The Bay is a virtual field trip video series created by the Galveston Bay Foundation in light of COVID-19. The series introduces students to the amazing ecosystems around Galveston Bay and includes a virtual lab, conservation craft, talk with a Bay biologist, and an outside activity they can safely participate in. Topics include:
1. Oysters and Oyster Reefs (released 3/23)
2. Wetlands (released 3/30)
3. Bay Biodiversity (released 4/7)
4. The Microscopic Ecosystem (released 4/21)
5. All about Plankton (releases 4/27)

Video and activity guides can be found at and on the Galveston Bay Foundation YouTube channel. Each video topic has the following accompanying resources found in our At Home With The Bay Google Drive folder (link on the website). We have created a variety of formats to ensure ease on your part.
1. A colorful Activity Guide for students to complete as they watch the video. The guide includes assessment questions as well as instructions for the crafts and outside activities.
2. NEW! Classroom Worksheets in Word format to easily upload to any online educational platform.
3. NEW! Classroom Worksheets in Word FORMS format to allow students to type their answers in without worrying about deleting questions by accident.
*We are pleased to bring you these materials for free. Please make sure to keep the GBF logo on all of these documents.

**When using the video and guides/worksheets in your classroom, please fill out the online form found on the website so we can track participants for grant purposes. These videos and activity guides are funded in part by a NOAA B-WET grant.

Thank you!
Cindy Wilems